I’ve been trying to comprehend this over the past 24+ hours or so. But I don’t think it’ll ever make sense to me why these things happen. Yesterday, my beautiful cousin Liesl and her husband lost their baby boy as he passed away in his sleep. I was so excited to finally meet him and all the other little ones that I haven’t yet in a couple weeks, and it pains me to know that such a sweet, innocent little boy had to go so early. Noah Michael Shakespeare, 12/17/13-3/6/14, you were and forever will be loved. Even those of us still anticipating a time to get to know you will miss you. Rest in peace.

Maybe, just maybe… I’m the faller.
Every family has, like, someone who falls.
Who doesn’t make the grade.
Who stumbles.
Life trips up.
Maybe I’m our faller.

"About Time" movie, 2012.

I used to sleep at night…

Then I picked up a book and didn’t put it down till I finished it, then another, and another, and…. Then I decided to write some of my own. And their movie versions. Thinking maybe I could be the next reason someone stopped sleeping at night but for the right reasons.

In my film class today they showed the clip from Titanic where Rose lets go of Jack. I may have accidentally blurted out “Lying bitch” as he went into the water. Then the teacher looked at me weird and I said “Yeah, like the wasn’t room for 2 on there.”

Rules of Apples to Apples:

1. The Helen Keller card trumps all.


Please excuse any type-o’s…
This week I found out my little cousin’s friend and classmate killed himself. They are in the 6th grade.
He was being bullied and didn’t have the proper outlet, didn’t know how to deal with it. He was being bullied, and thought the only thing left was to end his life.