What I need is someone to speak up on my behalf. To see or hear… simply know what I’m dealing with and to do something about it, whether I know or not. I need that someone to go out of their way to ensure I don’t hurt. Not to say there’s a lot worse in the world and to suck it up. But to fight for my happiness without a care in the world if it’ll effect their own.

I’m laughing.. but nothing here is funny.


The only two scars that remain are the first and last.
Funny thing is…
I’m the only one that can still see them.

“Don’t say it could be worse like it’s okay it’s not better.”
— M. Newton, 2013

I couldn’t wait to grow up
No more teasing
No more lying
No more being afraid of the dark

Then as I grew up
The teasing turned into bullying
The lies became what I thought was truth
And I always kept a light on

Now I’m grown up
I have learned to laugh at myself first
I refuse to be lied to
And I lie in the still, total darkness of night

But now, my fears are different

I laugh at it all
I lie to myself
And even when there’s light,
I wander in the dark.

I don’t care how inspiring your quote is. If there is a type-o or obvious grammatical error, I will not acknowledge its otherwise would-be brilliance.

I’ve been trying to comprehend this over the past 24+ hours or so. But I don’t think it’ll ever make sense to me why these things happen. Yesterday, my beautiful cousin Liesl and her husband lost their baby boy as he passed away in his sleep. I was so excited to finally meet him and all the other little ones that I haven’t yet in a couple weeks, and it pains me to know that such a sweet, innocent little boy had to go so early. Noah Michael Shakespeare, 12/17/13-3/6/14, you were and forever will be loved. Even those of us still anticipating a time to get to know you will miss you. Rest in peace.

Maybe, just maybe… I’m the faller.
Every family has, like, someone who falls.
Who doesn’t make the grade.
Who stumbles.
Life trips up.
Maybe I’m our faller.

"About Time" movie, 2012.

I used to sleep at night…

Then I picked up a book and didn’t put it down till I finished it, then another, and another, and…. Then I decided to write some of my own. And their movie versions. Thinking maybe I could be the next reason someone stopped sleeping at night but for the right reasons.